The Jim Kelley 1×12 Combo Amplifier is the perfect amp for anyone looking for a raw, natural sound. With smooth tone across the spectrum, an on-board spring reverb, and simple controls, the Jim Kelley is surely one of our favorites at The Zoo. Watch the demo video above to get a sample of a few tones you can achieve with this amplifier. Riffs courtesy of our very own Joe Sanders! Learn more about this awesome amplifier below! Click here to see it on our site!


HI: Use this input for guitars with passive or high impedance pickups.
LO: Use this input for guitars with active or low impedance pickups.

Provides a Post-EQ boost in gain to the output section for more saturation while leaving the pre-amp clean and punchy.

The Single-Channel has two loudspeaker outputs and utilizes a custom built output transformer and has two loudspeaker outputs (one 8Ω and one 4Ω) to interface with a variety of speaker cabinet options.

Adjusts the boost and cut of bass frequencies. When control is set to “5”, bass response is considered flat.

Located on the Bass control, this adds thinkness and sustain for “fattening up” lead tones.

Adjusts the amount of reverb effect that is added to the original signal. Turning the knob fully clockwise will provide the maximum reverb effect.


Interested in the Jim Kelley Combo Amplifier? Click here to see our entire stock of Jim Kelley/Suhr Amps on our site! 



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