The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized Darkglass Electronics dealer! These premium bass guitar preamp pedals and bass amplifiers are built in Finland - and they've been making waves in the industry for quite some time now. One day, the Microtubes may be as much of a household name as Sansamp! Founded by Douglas Castro, Darkglass builds products for bass players from all walks of life. Doug could never find the bass sounds he heard in his head in any product on the market, so he decided to build his own gear that would provide bassists truly "stand-out" tones, with dirty tones that wouldn't lead to getting lost in the band mix - so no one could ever call a bass player irrelevant again!

The Darkglass preamp pedal lineup features the popular Microtubes distortion/overdrive preamps, the tube-amp flavored Vintage series units, fuzz engines, and compressors. And the new line of amplifiers capitalizes on the popular and easy-to-transport "Micro-Head" form-factor. A ton of tone is packed into these amps, and many are even loaded with circuits of the preamp pedals themselves.

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