The Music Zoo is pumped up and ready to crank it to 11 with these new Mezzabarba amplifiers! We're proud to be an authorized dealer for these hand-built, uniquely designed, military-grade quality amps. Crafted in Italy by Pierangelo Mezzabarba, each of these amplifiers features 100% original R&D, custom made power and output transformers, and a unique "disruptive" preamp design which creates an astounding dynamic amplifier that can provide a huge range of clean to saturated distortion tones with simply your fingers/playing style. 

Mezzabarba has found a new modern amp personality, based on the build quality and tones we all love from our favorite vintage British and American amps, yet proving they can do much more than just copy the circuit. 

These amps have become a no brainer go-to for many Italian rockers, and are also used by Joel Hoekstra of WhiteSnake, Doug Rappoport of the Edgar Winter Band, Ike Willis of the Frank Zappa Band, and many more! 

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