Top Ten Pickups for getting the best tone out of high gain amplifiers the music zoo

A collection of the best pickups we have in stock for the high-performance player!  

Are you a shredder, djentleman or djentlewoman, or any combination of the aforementioned who requires a high-gain amplifier in your arsenal? If so, you know how important a great high-output set of pickups is in shaping your sound.  We've gathered a collection of what we think are The Music Zoos best high-gain pickups in stock, featuring brands like Bare Knuckle, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, and EMG. Scroll below to find what suits your style and needs best, then click the links to view them in our online shop!

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Ampliiers

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Pickup Set

The pickup of choice for some of the most renowned progressive players around, the Bare Knuckle Nailbomb works with just about any style you throw at it. You'll get girthy bottom end with a throaty mid range and warm highs thanks to the  Alnico V magnet. However, a bridge ceramic magnet option is also available, adding even more power and a more refined bass response. You'll be pleased to find that the Nailbomb's distinctive sound is retained in both versions!

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Ampliiers

EMG 57/66 Humbucker Pickup Set

The EMG 57/66 pickup set combines the 57 bridge humbucker pickup utilizing Alnico V magnets and steel pole pieces that bring out a nuances of a PAF-like pickup. As for the 66, alnico V magnets provide warm and smooth mids with complimenting lows. When paired together, you'll get plenty of headroom and punch with these pickups. 

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Ampliiers

Bare Knuckle Painkiller Humbucker Pickup Set

The Bare Knuckle Painkiller is all about tight, resonant lows and articulate mids and highs. Need to cut through a heavy mix? No problem, because poor clarity is never an issue with this pickup. Dial in the gain or keep things clean, and this pickup will deliver things crystal clear.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Ampliiers

DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker Pickup

The Dimarzio Super Distortion is perfect for the hard rock to heavy metal guitar player, looking to add some extra power to their tube amps. This thing pairs great with Marshalls, Mesa's and EVH 5150s, so if you've got one in your arsenal, look no further. Both single-note runs and chords will sound big and defined through these pups. What you'll get is a well balanced blend of thick mids, heavy lows and bright and vivid highs. This legendary pickup will surely give you a legendary sound!

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

Bare Knuckle Aftermath Humbucker Pickup Set

Sustain is the name of the game with the Bare Knuckle Aftermath. Featuring a hand-wound twin screw coil design, the Aftermath has 3 custom size ceramic magnets, delivering responsive bottom-end and a instant pick-attack. A focused mid-range makes this one perfect for dialing in those djent tones.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

DiMarzio Crunch Lab Humbucker Pickup

John Petrucci's go-to pickup for more than a decade has been the Dimarzio Crunchlab. Needless to say, this pickup is perfect for the modern shredder, progressive virtuoso, metalcore player, and all the like. This pickup pairs well with just about any mid to high gain mesa you can find, just ask Mr. Petrucci himself. Lows and mids are open for playing chords with plenty of body and presence.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

EMG 81 Active Humbucker Pickup

The EMG 81 is one of the brand's most popular pickups, powered by a set of powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils. You'll get intense, yet detailed tone when plugged into just about anything with these. Plenty of sustain as well.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker Pickup

The SH-4 JB humbucker is Seymour Duncan's most popular pickups ever. It does everything from blues and country, to grunge and thrash! A powerful low end is complimented by defined highs, and aggressive midrange for that perfect crunch tone.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

Bare Knuckle Miracle Man Humbucker Set

Pinch harmonics are a breeze on the Bare Knuckle Miracle Man, a great choice for aggressive metal tones if you're in the market for a passive pickup. Surgically The bass is tight, the lower mids are massive, while upper-mids are present and offer great percussive quality, a must for djent-heads.

Top 10 Pickups for High Gain Amplifiers

Seymour Duncan TB-6 Distortion Trembucker Bridge Pickup

The Seymour Duncan TB-6 Trembucker is an F-spaced version of their high output humbucker that utilizes a ceramic magnet and hot coil windings for a super-balanced response. Get your hard rock and singing progressive metal tones dialed in to perfection thanks to the upper midrange harmonics these produce..

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