Here at The Zoo, we have a staff with a variety of styles and opinions, so when we can all agree that one piece of gear is awesome, you can assume it’s a big deal. When we first got our hands on the “The Countess”, we were wowed to say the least. Well, “The Duchess” is no different. This little box packs some serious punch, with some of the best tones we’ve heard in a while! Super-easy to dial in, the Victory gets you to that tone in your head in an instant.

This single-channel, all-valve design is all about maximum tone with  minimum confusion, housed in the same light and portable chassis as the award-winning V30 The Countess. Blues/roots-inspired players will find all the elusive, vintage pushed clean and drive sounds they love. Voice 1 offers mid-’60-type American warm clean tones. Voice II is subtly stronger and more ’50s in character. As you push the gain and engage the Mid-Kick function, the V40 takes on a more ’60s British voice for timeless blues-rock tones.

This cool little amp is available right here on our site! Watch the video above to hear some of the great sounds you can get from this amplifier, and be sure to have a look at the Victory amps we have in stock!

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