One of the joys of playing electric guitar is the magical relationship between a guitar and an amp, and the wondrous results that different combinations yield. We carry many different guitars and amps here at The Music Zoo, and they range from the more traditional to modern and advanced. One of the more traditional and pure examples of tube amplification are amps that are designed and built by Lou Rosano, the guy responsible for  the Louis Electric Amplifier Company.

Rosano makes boutique amps that capture an “old,” vintage sound using circuitry that’s straight out of the RCA Receiving Tube manual. In other words, think old Tweeds, Gibson GA series amps, and anything involving bare bones Western Electric circuitry. A Louis Electric amp naturally captures the gorgeous tonal characteristics and physics of vacuum tube technology and the principles of even-order harmonic distortion. In this video clip, watch Music Zoo friend Dennis Del Gaudio demo the 25-watt Louis Buster amp using a ’63 Stratocaster. You’ll hear the amp’s natural breakup into tube saturation as the volume is pushed to maximum. Interested in purchasing this amp? Check it out here!

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