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We’re proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Dynamo Amplifiers! For those of you looking for high-gain tone, with with plenty of character to cut you through the mix, look no further then these top-notch amps! Dynamo didn’t set out to make a louder amp than everyone else, but instead designed a guitar amp more suited to push today’s modern High power Speakers. Long ago inDynamo Amps (8 of 13) the recording studio they discovered that cranking a 100w SLO style amp into single 300w speaker produced the most monstrous wicked tone ever caught on tape. For a live stage application, they wanted to re-create this combination with double speakers and thus double the power! The GTS was designed around the concept of using a compact high power 2×12; Head Rig to achieve God like stage volume that’s easy to transport and a space saver to travel with.

To achieve pure sonic clarity, Dynamo uses a high-end audiophile class capacitor that cost 10x as much and audio specific 1 watt metal film or carbon film resistors with 1% Tolerance that deliver pure tone and stunning detail and Dynamo Amps (10 of 13)definition. Most high gain amps are“Balls to Mosquitoes” meaning they sound balls to the wall while playing heavy rhythm but when it comes time to solo, it sounds like a symphony of mosquitoes. You often need a boost channel or pedal to allow your solos to cut through the mix. Because of higher grade components, when playing a solo with a Dynamo amp, it sounds like a virtual sound man boosted your volume and it cuts through the mix unlike any other hi gain amp you have ever heard.

In stock, you’ll find a number of these powerful amps including the GT120X, GT-6, GT50X-C, and GTS-C, not to mention their matching cabinets! Not only do these things sound great, they look the part too, sporting high-performance-inspired racing stripes, lettering, and high-quality knobs! Scroll below to see demos from Guitar Worl, exclusive photos and links to these awesome amplifiers!



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Dynamo GT-6 200 Watt


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Dynamo Amplification GTS-C Compact 50 Watt


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The GTS-C compact from Dynamo Amplification uses the same circuit of the 200watt GTS with the addition of independent EQ controls on each channel, and it’s scaled down to a manageable but still powerful 50 watts. Thanks to the size it’s a perfect amp to grab and go when on your way to a gig or studio session.

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Dynamo Amplification GT120X 100 Watt


dynamo 1



Dynamo Amplifiers GT50XC 2×12 50 Watt Combo


dynamo 4



Dynamo Amplification GTS-C Compact 1×12″ 20 Watt Combo


dynamo 2

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