We hung out with Robby Baca before his show with his band The Contortionist to talk about the Bias Head from Positive Grid and give us a quick demo! Check it out above!

With the Positive Grid BIAS head amplifier, you have literally thousands of amplifiers at your fingertips, with the potential to match even more models or tweak and create your own signature tones via the software and Bluetooth connectivity. BIAS Rack comes with Amp Match® technology, which lets you precisely match the nuanced tone of any classic, modern or boutique amp and load custom cab and mic responses. You can share or download thousands of Amp Match models from ToneCloud. The op-amps, passive components and A/D and D/A converters used are all top of the line. BIAS Head’s power amp is optimized to perform any BIAS Amp presets at the highest audio quality possible at any volume. It also provides zero latency performance due to its built-in interface. The BIAS head is a 600 watt amplifier compatible with any guitar or bass cab between 4-16 ohms, with a built-in power amplifier that lets you plug right into a cabinet and start playing.

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