Vox Mini Superbeetle The Music Zoo Review

The new VOX Superbeetle combines iconic looks with stunning Nutube sound!

Joining the compact amplifier gang is the Mini SuperBeetle, an instantly recognizable tribute to VOX’s iconic early days. With a Nutube-equipped analog preamp circuit and on-board reverb & tremolo, this little amp delivers the familiar VOX tone that we all know. The matching speaker cabinet is equipped with a custom 10” Celestion speaker that delivers authentic British punch in a compact and stylish package. See what else makes this mini amplifier such a great choice below!

Vox Mini Superbeetle The Music Zoo Review

Vox Mini Superbeetle Specs

  • Speaker: 1x10" Celestion Custom speaker, Maximum input 50 W RMS 8 ohm
  • Valve: Nutube 6P1
  • Output Power: Maximum approx. 50 W RMS@4 ohms, 25 W RMS@8 ohms, 12.5 W RMS@16 ohms
  • Current Consumption: 3.43 A
  • Effects: Digital reverb, Nutube tremolo
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 323 mm x 180 mm x 596 mm /12.7" x 7.09" x 23.5"
  • Weight: 8.7kg/19.18 lbs. Included Items: AC adapter (DC 19 V), AC cord, Speaker cable

Vox Mini Superbeetle The Music Zoo Review

Vox Mini Superbeetle Tone

The vacuum fluorescent display technology, or "Nutube" brings the vacuum tube sound and response to this amplifier, while eliminating the usual problems associated with a typical vacuum tube. You'll get sparkling, chimey sound that you usually find in tube amps as well. Lastly, adjust the amplitude of the tremolo, and you'll find that it also changes the depth of the Nutube distortion, varying the sound, just like a true tube driven tremolo effect. We thought this was a pretty cool feature for a non-tube amp.

Vox Mini Superbeetle The Music Zoo Review

Why We Like It

The Mini SuperBeetle can be paired with nearly any type of extension cabinet, including 1x12”, 2x12”, or even 4x12”! It also features a headphone/line out jack, making this compact unit the perfect amp for practicing or recording silently at home or on the road.

You Might Also Consider

Keep things compact but with a lot more gain with the MV50 High Gain head. This amp is a compact analog pre-amp also featuring Nutube technology, 50 watts of power, volume, tone, and gain controls, and an EQ switch. This is a great choice if you've already got a cabinet to plug into! 

Vox Mini Superbeetle The Music Zoo Review

Vox Mini Superbeetle  Price

$299.99 Retail at the time of this post. Pricing subject to change.

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