0 At The Music Zoo

The Music Zoo has many 0 size acoustic guitars on offer, including custom order one off guitars and production models! Keep an eye on The Music Zoo website or stop by our New York showroom to check out the latest additions to out 0 size acoustic guitar inventory.

The 0 size is one of the smallest body sizes currently offer by modern guitar builders. Very comfortable to sit and play, the size imparts a crisp and clear tone. This size is best suited to fingerstyle playing, it is built with a 12 or 14 fret neck joint. Models line the 0-18 have become a staple in a fingerstyle guitar players collection and all mahogany guitars like the 0-17 are wonderful guitars for acoustic blues.

The 0 size acoustic guitar was added to the Martin guitar company's line up in the 1850's and was billed as the first concert sized guitars, to be used for performance, as opposed to parlor guitars for use in the home. Mainly being 12 fret models, 14 fret 0 size guitars appeared in the 1930's with even a handful of 0-18's built with a long scale. Stephen Stills and Joan Baez have both had very ornate 0-45 and 0-42 Signature models respectively.