000 At The Music Zoo

The Music Zoo has a wide array of 000 size acoustic guitars from a variety of manufacturers! From reissues of rare vintage instruments to guitars with cutaways and electronics, we have the right instrument for every player. Checkout The Music Zoo online or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we have a variety of 000's both new and used.

The 000 body size is a great all around guitar for both finger style or flat picking. This body shape provides a comfortable playing experience, with a nice balanced across strings and a depth of tone and presence. They are offered with a 12 or 14 fret neck joint, a cutaway, or electronics. These guitars are built with a variety of tone woods, including rosewood, mahogany, koa, walnut and spruce tops.

The 000 was introduced in the early 20th century by the Martin guitar company as a full size Auditorium body, the largest in the line at that time and originally designed for a 10 string harp guitar. In the late 1920's the 000 body size was one of the first that were modified to accept a 14 fret neck joint for a well known banjo player of the time, Perry Buchtel. This feature is one of the defining design elements of the modern acoustic guitar. Models like the Martin 000-28 and 000-18 have become a standard in any serious guitar players collection. Eric Clapton famously used a 1939 000-42 for his now iconic MTV Unplugged performance in 1992 and has a signature 000-28EC with Martin, which is their most successful artist model to date. Stephen Stills was pictured with a beautifully ornate Martin 000-45 on the cover of his 1970 debut solo album. Martin has also put out a commemorative 000-18WG in honor of folk legend Woodie Guthrie. Andy Summers, Jimmy Buffett, & Graham Nash are some other notable artist with signature 000 guitars.