12-String At The Music Zoo

When you just need a bit "more" - you might be itching for a 12 string guitar! The Music Zoo stocks both acoustic and electric 12 string guitars of all styles and for every player and budget. Whether you need a booming 12-string Martin dreadnought with extra character, or even a comfortable Taylor 562ce concert-body 12-string, we've got you covered. Solid or semi-hollow body electric 12 strings? Check. We even stock travel friendly 12-string guitars! If you're looking to add to your collection, or a 12-string is your main instrument, we're the destination with the best combination of the unique and the every day must-haves!

12-String History

The history of the 12-string guitar is shrouded in mystery. The two prevailing theories are that it was introduced either by Italian or Mexican immigrants. Both of these cultures were known for adding extra doubled strings to their traditional
instruments. However they were originally introduced, the Gibson double-coursed archtop mandolin would also inspire 12 string acoustics. 12 string guitars were originally only really known as novelty items, often built by street performers who needed more volume to project above the din. These cheaply made early instruments still found their way into blues and folk music of the 1930's'and '40s. The 12 string saw an explosion of popularity in the '60s, when the guitars were used by the likes of George Harrison and Pete Seeger. Soon after, almost every artist experimented with 12-string guitars in one way or another, and used them for a variety of musical styles beyond folk and blues
including pop and rock music. 12-string guitars are still widely used in the modern era, and most all manufacturers build 12 string variants of their instruments.

Due to each string being doubled, 12-string guitars are known to produce a shimmer or chorus-like effect that creates extra atmosphere and gives the 12-string it's signature tone. The strings are tuned 1 octave apart. Because of these extra strings many 12-string guitars developed neck or bridge issues, but modern guitar designs have almost entirely eliminated this unfortunate consequence of the higher tension. Some of the most popular 12 string guitars include the Rickenbacker examples, Fender and Gretsch solid body, acoustic, and semi-hollow models, and Gibson's double neck EDS models which featured both a 12-string neck and 6 string neck.

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