7-String At The Music Zoo

When only 6 strings just won't cut it for your extreme metal band, or when you really wish you could extend that shred arpeggio just a bit more, a 7-string guitar can be your savior! And don't count out a 7-string to help you create unique jazz chord voicings either. The Music Zoo stocks a wide range of 7-string instruments and related parts and accessories, from shred and riff machines to fanned fret and multi scale models that can handle today's most progressive and extreme musical genres.

7-String History

While 7-string guitars are most often associated with heavier music, their roots stretch back all the way to 19th century, where acoustic 7-string instruments were very popular in Russia, and saw limited success in Europe as well. Players of these instruments wanted more range out of the instrument, just like the players of the modern era. The 7th string originally opened up new chording possibilities, or the chance for a bass line to be played along with a melody. These guitars generally add the 7th string below the E, and it is usually tuned to B.

Fast forwarding to the 1930's, National offered 7 string versions of their electric lap steel guitars. In the late '30s George Van Eps requested a 7-string Epiphone, and then later on in the 1960s,  he worked with Gretsch on a signature model 7-string electric, which is seen as the first commercially successful 7-string electric guitar.

It was not until the 1990's though that the 7-string guitar truly exploded in popularity. Ibanez worked with Steve Vai to produce the UV7, the first mass-marketed 7-string, during this era. This guitar was also used and popularized by Brian "Head" Welch of Korn, Reb Beach, and John Petrucci. In the modern day, 7-string guitars are often tuned down even further, to accommodate new musical styles, but 7-string jazz archtops and similar original-era inspired designs are still used.

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