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Combo At The Music Zoo

Shop our selection of combo amps at The Music Zoo! Available to buy now, whether you need a small practice amp, or a gig-worthy, toneful, and easy to transport package, we have what you need! 

The combo amp is the ultimate portable package. While some may say nothing looks as cool as a head and cabinet, (and they may have a point) if you care more about the health of your back than how cool you look, a quality tube or solid state combo amp can give you tone and volume for days, whether you need it for your electric, bass, or acoustic.

We stock you favorite Fender tube amp combos, like the '65 Deluxe Reverb reissue or the plethora of limited edition amps, usually including the modern Blues Junior. Or maybe you're ready to take the plunge with a Two Rock, PRS or Orange combo. A Fishman Loudbox could be in your future too, if you're more of an acoustic player, or maybe a portable and jazz-ready Henriksen. Plus our used inventory is packed to the brim!

Buy your next combo amp online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all of your favorite brands.