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Buy Darkglass Electronics: Guitar Accessories online now from The Music Zoo! We have a great selection of guitar gear available for purchase in our Darkglass Electronics product collection. Awesome customer service and secure checkout are always included with your Guitar Accessories purchase. The products listed for sale in this collection are ready to ship immediately, with expedited delivery options available. If you're looking to make monthly payments, financing options for your Darkglass Electronics: Guitar Accessories order are available on checkout. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, so we offer a no hassle return option on every item we sell.

About Our Darkglass Electronics Product Catalog

The Music Zoo is an Authorized Darkglass Electronics Dealer! Shop for your Darkglass pedal or amplifier on our site now, or visit our showroom on Long Island, New York! Based in Helsinki, Finland, Darkglass Electronics has turned the bass market on its head ever since being founded in 2009. Focused on bass players who have a need to stand out and cut through their music i.e. Metal, Rock and Progressive genres, Darkglass’ pedals such as the Microtubes Pre-Amp series and Alpha Omega Distortion pedals have been incredibly successful.

Artists who use Darkglass Electronics include players such as Tony Levin, Devin Townsend, Billy Gould of Faith No More, Jon Stockmann of Karnivool, Dick Lovgren of Meshuggah, Bootsy Collins, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jeff Matz of High on Fire, and Brian Cook of Russian Circles. As you can see from their roster, Darkglass Electronics have something for every kind of bassist!

Darkglass also offers the incredibly travel-friendly Microtubes 900 and Microtubes 500 bass head amplifiers; Class D amplifiers with onboard distortion tones that are small enough to throw into a backpack. Many players opt for these to be their full-time amplifiers instead of an easy option that might just do the trick on a fly date, and we can’t agree more that these are some of the best amps we’ve heard for modern bass tones!

The Music Zoo also has in stock a wide range of Darkglass cases and Darkglass footswitches for your every need. Finance your next Darkglass purchase with The Music Zoo Credit Card. Call us today for more info on your new Darkglass!

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Our Darkglass Electronics: Guitar Accessories products are located in Farmingdale, New York on Long Island. If you are searching to buy Darkglass Electronics: Guitar Accessories near me, The Music Zoo offers curbside pickup for all orders. You can also book an appointment to shop in-person for any item for sale in our Darkglass Electronics product catalog. With our quick order turnaround time, customers in the Northeast United States can receive their shipment in about one business day via standard ground if you choose to have your order delivered. Expedited delivery options available to all other locations, as soon as next business day. Contact us today to set up a curbside appointment, or to book your personalized in-person shopping experience.