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Buy Fender Pots Switches & Electronic Parts online now from The Music Zoo! We have a great selection of guitar gear available for purchase in our Fender product collection. Awesome customer service and secure checkout are always included with your Pots Switches & Electronic Parts purchase. The products listed for sale in this collection are ready to ship immediately, with expedited delivery options available. If you're looking to make monthly payments, financing options for your Fender Pots Switches & Electronic Parts order are available on checkout. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, so we offer a no hassle return option on every item we sell.

About Our Fender Product Catalog

The Music Zoo is an Authorized Fender Dealer! Shop for your Fender Guitar on our site now, or visit our showroom on Long Island, New York! Ever since being founded in 1946 by its namesake Leo Fender in Fullerton, California - the company has bloomed into a worldwide presence, whose name is synonymous with the word ‘guitar.’

Originally a repairman for all thing’s electronics, Leo Fender saw musicians needs for dependable instruments as well as adequate amplification, and having an inventor’s mind – he wanted to give us musical solutions! Thus, instruments starting with the Broadcaster and Precision Bass in 1950 and 1951 respectively have changed the world. Fender started the Rock and Roll revolution with the worlds first mass-produced solidbody electric guitars, with their genius, easy to manufacture and easy to repair bolt-on designs!

For Fender, lightning struck more than twice with the introduction of the Stratocaster in 1954. With its double-cutaway, contoured body and three single-coil pickups, the Strat must have looked like a space ship in 1954, and we wish we were there to see its introduction! The list of players who are closely associated with the Stratocaster is mind-boggling; Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn, up to modern players such as John Frusciante, John Mayer, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Corgan and more! The list never ends, because the musical possibilities on a Stratocaster never end!

Today, you can’t step into a music club or see a picture of a band onstage without seeing the Fender logo. Fender amplifiers such as the Twin, Blues Deluxe, Blues Junior, Hot Rod Deluxe and Mustang GT are used as go-to amplifiers on stage and in recording studios. Series such as the American Player and California Series are super fun instruments that not only are affordable, but offer classic Fender tones to up and coming musicians. For the pros – the American Elite and American Professional models offer Custom Shop-level pickups and gorgeous finish options. Looking for a versatile guitar that can cover both acoustic and electric tones on stage? Pick up a new Acoustasonic Telecaster, with amazing electronics and a revolutionary body design that blends the best of both worlds.

It is an amazing thing that there is a Fender instrument for every level of guitar or bass player. Whether you’re picking up the instrument for the very first time, or about to head onstage at Madison Square Garden, a Fender will be there for you, and The Music Zoo is proud to be one of the top Fender dealers in the world! The Music Zoo also has in stock a wide range of Fender parts, Fender straps, Fender accessories and Fender maintenance supplies in stock for your every need. Finance your next Fender Guitar purchase with The Music Zoo Credit Card. Call us today for more info on your new Fender!

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Our Fender Pots Switches & Electronic Parts products are located in Farmingdale, New York on Long Island. If you are searching to buy Fender Pots Switches & Electronic Parts near me, The Music Zoo offers curbside pickup for all orders. You can also book an appointment to shop in-person for any item for sale in our Fender product catalog. With our quick order turnaround time, customers in the Northeast United States can receive their shipment in about one business day via standard ground if you choose to have your order delivered. Expedited delivery options available to all other locations, as soon as next business day. Contact us today to set up a curbside appointment, or to book your personalized in-person shopping experience.

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The Music Zoo carries a wide range of guitar gear across our entire catalog. Within our Fender collection, you'll find the following product types available for sale now: Fender Guitar Accessories, Fender Acoustic Guitars, Fender Amplifiers, Fender Bass Guitars, Fender Cases & Gig Bags, Fender Effects Pedals, Fender Electric Guitars, Fender Guitar Parts, and Fender Guitar Pickups. As an Authorized Online Dealer, you'll find brand new Fender gear available for purchase, which includes any manufacturer warranty, along with amazing product support and quality you can trust when buying new products from an official Fender retailer. The Music Zoo also stocks used Fender gear that has been thouroughly inspected for condition and performance by our team. And for vintage guitar collectors, you'll find vintage Fender items for sale here too.