Flying V & Explorer At The Music Zoo

The Music Zoo loves us some Flying Vs and Explorers! These cutting "edge" guitars are a perfect choice for those looking to buck the trend, or if you're trying to fit the image and match the tones of your favorite metal bands. These Gibson classics are sure to inspire riff and riff and solo after solo.

Gibson's Flying V and Explorer models have always had a radical and futuristic appeal. So radical even, that their original permutations, first appearing in 1958, sold terribly, and production only lasted a couple years. Nevertheless, they still impacted the future of the guitar landscape, especially as musical styles became more aggressive and loud. The original Flying V and Explorer (Futura) models were made from korina, or white limba, a wood similar to mahogany, but with more of a lighter honey-toned hue. Korina is often thought of as "super mahogany". Modern examples usually are made from mahogany.

The Flying V was reissued in 1967, and the Explorer in 1976. As the late '70s turned into the '80s, these guitars became popular with hard rock and metal players such as Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Michael Schenker, Allen Collins and many more. Even in the '60s though, blues player Albert King found a mate in a Flying V, and even Hendrix used one for some time.

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