Historic Reissue At The Music Zoo

The Music Zoo's Historic Reissue collection encompasses all of Gibson's reissue builds. Since the official reissue line-up names have changed over the years, we've decided to combine them all into one place, for easy viewing and shopping pleasure! You'll find the Brazilian fingerboard-ed R9 of your dreams here, or maybe you're looking for a 1957 Reissue Goldtop, or a '54 with a pair of rippin' P-90s. And don't forget about the SG Reissues, and the Juniors, Specials, Firebirds and Explorers! We have the guitar you've been searching for.

The first true Historic Reissue collection as marketed by the Gibson Custom Shop began in 1993, but the rare "Heritage" series guitars of the mid '80s, sometimes known as "pre-Historic" models, are often regarded as earlier examples of Gibson's reissue attempts. In 1993, only Les Paul and Les Paul "Standard" model reissues were offered, but by 1997, Juniors and Specials entered the fray. While the SG did not see as many different reissue models, '61 and 62' reissues became popular with the advent of "VOS" or vintage original spec features in 2006.

As the public clamored for more vintage accuracy, specs of the Historic Reissue collections were constantly being changed and improved. While not as common, reissue Explorer and Firebird models were also created. Today, Gibson has simplified their Historic line-up and still offers the most for your money with their top-shelf flame tops, incredible finish tones, custom wound pickups, and original era construction techniques, such as the use of hide glue, long tenon neck joints, and neck shapes based on scans of original examples.

Buy your next reissue Gibson at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized Gibson Custom Shop online!