Hollowbody Archtop At The Music Zoo

The hollowbody guitar is not without it's loyal fans. At The Music Zoo, we offer an impressive assortment of hollowbody and archtop guitars to fit all players and styles, from the jazz box, to the thinline hollowbody, to the true hand-carved archtops.

If you're ready to get your rockabilly on - we have the Gretsch electric that will suit your needs. Or maybe you need a thinline Gibson ES-330 with a pair of sweet P-90s. We've prepared Gibson and Ibanez jazz box guitars for your viewing and playing pleasure, as well as stunning PRS double-cutaway hollow bodies. If you're looking for that special hand-carved archtop or a Gibson L-5, we've got you covered. Whether you making a living playing jazz on that neck humbucker, thumpin' on a hollowbody bass, or just playing that old-time rock n roll, you'll feel right at home on one of these guitars.

The Music Zoo is an authorized dealer for all your favorite brands and our used inventory is packed to the brim! Our hollowbody guitars are individually photographed and weighed, and undergo a rigorous inspection by our team of technicians, so you can be sure that wood grain you just fell in love with will look the same when it arrives at your doorstep, and the guitar will be ready to play right out of the case. Make your next hollowbody purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today.