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Humbuckers At The Music Zoo

If your guitar is in need of a pickup upgrade, and you need girth, output, midrange attack, and warmth, or need a pickup that can handle the most extreme metal genres, a humbucker is most likely in your future! Ever since the
introduction of the "PAF" humbucker and Gretsch Filter'Tron in the '50s, these pickups have been used by countless players of all genres. The Music Zoo stocks a huge selection of humbuckers that cover all the available bases, from
modern high output Bare Knuckles and active EMG pickups, to single coil sized rail and stacked humbuckers, to classic PAF-inspired DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan designs. Buy your next humbucker online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all your favorite pickup brands!

A humbucker essentially consists of a pair of single coil pickups, arranged in opposite directions and in opposite polarities, which cancels out noise. Some are even dipped in wax for further noise reduction. The first "replacement" pickups, designed by DiMarzio in 1971, took the form of a humbucker. Seymour Duncan and EMG followed shortly after as well. Many modern humbuckers can even be wired in ways where a player can use only one of the coils, producing a single coil sound. Humbuckers are beloved by blues and jazz players for their warmth, and metal and hard rock players for their ability to overdrive an amp and handle gobs of gain.