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Kluson Waffleback 3 Per-Side Tuning Machines Metal Keystone Gold
These Waffleback have been scarce for some time now, but have returned thanks to Kluson. These tuning machines are specific to numerous Gibson Les Pauls, ES-355, Super 400, L5 and...

$ 120.00

Kluson 6 In-Line Oval Vintage Tuning Machines Nickel
Most notably and historically used throughout Fender's gamut of electric guitars, the Kluson® 6-in-line tuning machine set features oval buttons and a new 15:1 gear ratio for more precise tuning...

$ 48.00

Kluson 6 In-Line Oval Tuning Machines Metal Double Line Nickel
This Kluson 6-in-line tuning machine set has oval metal buttons and an improved 15:1 gear ratio for more precise tuning.

$ 48.00