P-90s At The Music Zoo

P-90 pickups offer a perfect middle ground between single coil clarity and the punch of humbuckers. The Music Zoo offers a wide range of P-90 pickups from some of the best brands in the business.

Gibson developed the P-90 in 1946, and while this pickup was overshadowed 10 years later by the new PAF humbucker, P-90 pickups still have a loyal following to this day. A P-90 is technically a single coil pickup, but since it uses different "bar" style magnets, it is able to produce more output and a thicker sound than a Fender-style single coil. Because of this, P-90s are a good middle ground between humbuckers and classic single coils. Generally a P-90 comes in one of two form factors - a "dogear" version, where the pickup is mounted to the body via 2 triangular "ears" on the sides of the pickup, and the soapbar version, in which the mounting screws are places in the middle of the pickup, in line with the pole pieces, so no extra mounting surface area is needed.

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