MXR M108S Ten Band Equalizer Effect Pedal
New for 2017, the MXR Ten Band EQ has been upgraded and improved for even more control over your tone along with features that make it a powerhouse on stage;...

$ 129.99

KHDK Electronics No. 2 Clean Boost Effect Pedal
An excellent tool for further shaping your sound into exactly what you’re looking for, this pedal is a helpful box to have on hand. The pedal has a hi/lo switch...

$ 199.95

Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ Effects Pedal
More than just a regular ol’ boost pedal…this is the new Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ, which combines an active dual-parametric EQ and up to 12dB of output boost! Use...

$ 135.00

MXR MC406 Custom Audio Electronics Buffer
MXR introduces an efficient, ergonomic way to control line noise over your effects chain.

$ 99.99

MXR Custom Audio Electronics Boost/Line Driver Pedal
The MC-401 Boost/Line Driver The MC-401 is simple in design but superbly effective in solving a variety of mis-matched line level and signal conditioning problems that can occur when combining...

$ 99.99

Xotic Effects RC Booster Pedal
The Xotic RC Booster Effect Pedal has active Treble, Bass, Gain and Volume controls to allow for limitless tone shaping. It offers a super transparent 20db+ clean boost and a...

$ 168.00

Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded Guitar Effects Pedal
In 2009, Suhr's Koko Boost burst onto the scene, with a footswitchable Midrange boost that perfectly complemented the clean boost. Now, Suhr has released the Koko Boost Reloaded; a pedalboard...

$ 200.00

Dusky Electronics More Me Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
The More Me from Dusky Electronics is a single-stage clean boost that has a bit of a color to it, that’s designed to add another gain stage to your amp,...

$ 165.00