TC Electronics Flashback X4 Delay and Looper Effects Pedal
TC Electronics takes their popular Flashback delay and steps it up another notch with the Flashback X4--an upgraded delay and loop pedal with a number of exciting new options.

$ 249.99

TC Electronics Flashback Delay & Looper Stompbox Effect Pedal
The TC Electronic Flashback Delay pedal is a powerhouse of a delay pedal, packed to the brim with 11 different modes including the legendary TC Electronic 2290 digital delay, a tape delay, analog tones, reverse, ping pong, and a built-in 40 second looper. You can also set your delay time...

$ 169.99

Boss DM-2W Waza Craft Analog Delay Pedal
We are absolutely loving the new Waza Craft series of pedals from Boss. They have managed to take quintessential effect pedals that have been part s of our arsenal for decades and given them new life and a stellar refinement in tone. Ever since being discontinued in 1984, the Boss...

$ 149.00

Boss RV-6 Reverb Pedal
The new Boss RV-6 packs eight different and cutting-edge reverb tones into the traditional Boss pedal size! The RV-6 keeps controls simple, with options including Shimmer, Dynamic, and even Delay/Reverb to really get your ambience on! There is a stereo output option, as well as an expression input for controlling...

$ 149.00

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal
Filled to the brim with lush, beautiful delay tones that will inspire you (and give anyone who likes to get into the nitty-gritty of tweaking tones), this is the Boss DD-500. This incredible sound-creation toolbox offers 12 distinctive delay modes with exceptional audio quality, plus deep editing controls, a graphic...

$ 299.00

Boss FRV-1 Fender '63 Reverb Pedal
Boss and Fender have collaborated to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the legendary ’63 Fender Reverb via COSM technology. The FRV-1 puts that timeless tube-driven reverb sound under your foot in a tough, reliable compact pedal. A timeless classic — the Fender Spring Reverb is the sound that...

$ 139.00

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal
Even with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The new DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential with Modulation Delay mode, classic modeled Analog Delay mode, External pedal control options, longer delay time, and more. -...

$ 149.00

Wampler Faux Tape Echo Pedal
The Faux Tape Echo is basically the Faux AnalogEcho crossed with a unique circuit the speeds up and slows down the echos, just like a real tape echo. It isn't modulating like other “tape echo” emulations though.

$ 239.97

Electro Harmonix MEL9 Tape Replay Machine Effects Pedal
Using the same technology that brought us the excellent B9, C9 and KEY9, here is the MEL9 from Electro Harmonix, which pays homage to nine of the classic Mellotron® sounds: Orchestra, Cello, Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Low Choir and High Choir. The MEL9 is great for adding sonic textures...

$ 221.30

MXR Echoplex Delay Pedal
The Echoplex® EP-3 tape echo unit is famous for its deliciously warm, organic modulation and sweet musical voice—a key component to some of the most iconic guitar tones from the ’70s onward. The original EP-3 units, however, are expensive, temperamental, and larger than a VCR. That’s where the EP103 Echoplex...

$ 199.99

Keeley Memphis Sun Lo-Fi Reverb Echo and Double-Tracker Effect Pedal
A perfect pedal for giving your sound that authentic ‘50s slapback and double-tracking tone! The Keeley Memphis Sun brings you back to the early days of Rock and Roll with onboard echo, reverb, and a super-fast delay that makes it sound like you’ve got a second guitar player backing you...

$ 179.00

Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb Reverb Effect Pedal
Modeled after the famous echo chambers at Abbey Road studios, this is the Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb pedal, a sonic tool that lets you add that classic warm and vintage depth to your music. You can easily set the Decay to determine the length of the reverb.The Pre-Delay is used...

$ 149.00

Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker Effect Pedal
With the Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker, you don’t need to be in a professional studio, or even have a second guitar player to get you sounding like you’ve got a wall of amps behind you. The Keeley Engineering 30ms Automatic Double Tracker pedal can be used in mono with...

$ 199.00

Ebow Hand Held Effect
New and improved with an octave switch. A very unique effect. Operates directly on the string for infinite sustain shapes and synthesizes sound.

$ 99.95

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal
The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay-made possible only by old-school bucket brigade technology. This design boasts an amazing 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls...

$ 149.99

Catalinbread Echorec Multi-Tap Tape Echo Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
The legendary Binson Echorec provided the echo and delay sound for countless tracks from the 60's and 70's including many by Pink Floyd. This Catalinbread pedal aims to reproduce the sound of the vintage tabletop machine in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format. Featuring 12 different programs for various multi-tap options, this...

$ 230.00

Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb Pedal
The Topanga Spring Reverb by Catalinbread is based on the famous Fender 6G15 outboard spring reverb unit. It drops, explodes (like when you hit the side of an amp whose onboard spring reverb is fully engaged), clangs, and does everything a tube-driven reverb should, except it's in a small pedal....

$ 199.99

MXR M300 Reverb Effects Pedal
The brand new for 2016 MXR Reverb is here. This little box is packed with six different reverb sounds in a simple three knob setup with an analog dry path, and 20 volts of headroom thanks to the Constant Headroom Technology used on board. From light spring reverb to washed...

$ 199.99

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus Reverb Pedal
The Holy Grail Plus starts with the Holy Grail's amazing spring, hall, and flerb reverbs, and adds a graceful room reverb. The Plus' multifunction control lets you control decay, damping and modulation speed. The Grail has gotten even more divine!

$ 147.80

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Pedal
Enter the Cathedral and surround your music with the aria of divine presence. True stereo reverbs reveal your inspirations while programmability recalls your spirit of creation. The Cathedral is the performer's mantra creating the perfect space for your instrument or voice while offering an elegance that takes your music to...

$ 221.30

Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
Leave it to Catalinbread to create a pedal named after Bicycle Day, aka the day in April of ’43 where Albert Hoffman first synthesized LSD, took it, and rode his bike home. The Bicycle Delay offers intense spirals of delay tone that add in an octave tone along with some...

$ 199.00

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
The legendary Echoplex tape echo provided the echo and delay sound for countless tracks from the 60's and 70's including many by Led Zeppelin. This Catalinbread pedal aims to reproduce the sound of the vintage tabletop machine in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format. This pedal provides 80-800ms of delay times with...

$ 199.99

Dunlop Echoplex EP101 Preamp Guitar Effects Pedal
Modeled after the legendary EP-3 used by the likes of Eric Johnson, EVH, and countless others, the new EP101 captures everything that made the old EP-3 great, and then some!

$ 119.99

MXR Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay Pedal
We’ve all heard “I love the Carbon Copy, if only it wasn’t that dark in the repeats…” MXR has you covered with the new Carbon Copy Bright analog delay. The same pedal we all dig with the same 600ms of delay and true bypass switching – now with a finely...

$ 159.99

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy Analog Delay Pedal
The Deluxe Memory Boy is the newest delay from the Memory Man family. Quality IC’s deliver warm and organic analog tones while “tap tempo” allows you to always be in sync with the groove. Choose five note divisions for metronomic variances. Sweet modulations can be set while the expression pedal...

$ 168.00