Orange Acoustic Pre Amp DI Box
This is the new Acoustic Pre from Orange; the worlds first stereo valve acoustic pre-amplifier and active DI box. The Acoustic Pre is loaded with...

$899.00 Or $24.97/month for 36 months!

Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ Effects Pedal
More than just a regular ol’ boost pedal…this is the new Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ, which combines an active dual-parametric EQ and up to...

$135.00 Or $3.75/month for 36 months!

Orange FS-1 Single Button Footswitch
Tough Steel Casing with LED indicator. For use on AD30TC, Rockerverb 50 and 100, Rocker 30, Thunderverb 50 and 200. Not for use with Crush...


Orange FS-2 Dual Button Footswitch
Tough steel casing with 2 LED indicators. For use with Thunderverb and Rockerverb Series amps.


Orange The Amp Detonator AB/Y Amplifier Switching Pedal
This is the Orange Amp Detonator...not a boost pedal to blow up speakers with, but a top of the line AB/Y pedal that lets you...

$135.00 Or $3.75/month for 36 months!

Orange Getaway Drive Overdrive Effects Pedal
This is the Getaway Driver overdrive pedal from Orange Amplifiers, a true ‘amp in a box’ style of overdrive with Class A single-ended overdrive gain...

$155.00 Or $4.30/month for 36 months!

Orange Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Effects Pedal
This is the new Fur Coat Fuzz from Orange, loosely based on the vintage Foxx Tone Machine, a classic and rate fuzz pedal from the...

$155.00 Or $4.30/month for 36 months!