T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply (115/230 Volts Switchable)
Enter the new Fuel Tank Chameleon, the most versatile power supply T-Rex has ever produced. Built for players with a large number of diverse pedals, Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all...

$ 165.00

1 Spot Reverse Polarity Converter
Allows the 1 SPOT and MC5 cable to power Yamaha keyboards, samplers, and drum machines, as well as certain reverse polarity effects pedals.

$ 3.99

Voodoo Lab 2.1mm Straight Barrel Cable (18 Inch)
Can be used with Voodoo Lab's Pedal Power AC, Pedal Power ISO-5, Pedal Power Versa, and Pedal Power 2 Plus power supply boxes.

$ 3.50

MXR Noise Clamp Suppressor/Gate Pedal
Crank your stomp pedals to the extremes without the fear of any hiss or excess noise with the MXR Noise Clamp. By sensing your guitar's dry signal, The Noise Clamp...

$ 89.99

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC Power Supply
The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC Power Supply is a power supply for 9 & 12V AC powered effects.

$ 139.99

1 Spot Multi-Plug 5 Cable
This is the 1 Spot multi-plug, the only daisy-chain available today with right-angle plugs. - Over 12" between plugs. - Spring-loaded contacts in the input socket keep the 1 SPOT...

$ 21.99

T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic Power Supply (115/230 Volts Switchable)
Power up to 10 pedals with the T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic power supply. Features: -Eight 9-volt DC output plugs -One 12-volt DC output with isolated ground -One 12-volt AC output...

$ 179.00

Dunlop ECB004 AC Power Supply 18-Volt
The Dunlop ECB04 power supply is a 55 21mm coax plug 18V 150 ma DC regulated AC Adapter with a positive barrel and negative plug. Plug polarity has a negative...

$ 17.99

1 Spot Line 6 Converter Cable
Allows the 1 SPOT and MC5 cable to power Line6 modeling pedals and the Digitech RP100.

$ 5.27