Phaser & Chorus At The Music Zoo

Phaser, Flanger, and Chorus effects are excellent choices for adding warbly textures to your sound, and The Music Zoo offers a wide range of these pedals from loads of excellent brands. 

The modulation family of effects generally refers to these three favorites. A Phaser or phase shifter is an effect that essentially splits the audio signal in two, offsets it, and amplifies certain frequencies of each signal as it sweeps through them, creating a ripple-like effect at the speed of your choice. A chorus pedal was designed to mimic orchestras and choirs, creating slight pitch and timbral differences around the original notes played, to create a thicker and more harmonically rich sound. Generally a chorus sound will also include a vibrato or tremolo effect and slight delay. Lastly, a flanger pedal produces a sound often characterized as a jet plane "whoosh", and was developed during a recording. Audio was tracked on two tapes simultaneously, but one edge of the tape reel or "flange" was pushed down, causing that tape to slow down. When the tracks were combined, the effect appeared!

We stock all your favorite classic modulation effects such as the MXR Phase 90, the EVH Flanger, the Boss CE-5, the Way Huge Blue Hippo, and new creations from EarthQuaker Devices and many others.

Buy your next phaser, chorus, or flanger pedal online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all your favorite pedal brands!