Fender Guitar Work Station w/ Neck Rest
The Fender Guitar Work Station is a soft pad with secured neck support cup holds a guitar at the proper angle for maintenance and adjustment. The neck support cup doubles...

$ 42.99

Fender Guitar Polish
Keep dirt and fingerprints off your instrument with spray bottle of Fender guitar polish.

$ 4.95

D'Addario/Planet Waves Humidipak Two-Way Humidity Control Replacement Packs
Replacement packs (three) for use with the D'Addario/Planet Waves Two-Way humidification system.

$ 24.99

Dampit Sound Hole Guitar Humidifier
Whether you live in a hot, dry desert area or in the freezing arctic zone, the scientifically tested Dampits humidifier will protect your instrument against damage. Includes plastic sound hole...

$ 16.99

Tayor Guitar Polish
This Taylor spray-on cleaning polish softens, lifts and encapsulates moisture, salt and dust in a protective lubricant that is easily and safely wiped away. The light carnauba wax haze is...

$ 11.99

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
The Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier protects your guitars from damage even in the driest conditions. The moisture reservoir is suspended inside the body, the system releases moisture evenly and...

$ 7.95

Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant
Eliminate string drag and keep your guitar neck feeling smooth with Finger Ease guitar string lubricant.

$ 4.99

Gibson Guitar Restoration Kit
Gibson care products are designed to help keep your investment in top condition and appearance. This kit comes with metal cleaner, fretboard conditioner, and guitar polish. Please note: we will...

$ 15.99

Kyser Lifeguard Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
The Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier goes right in your dreadnought acoustic guitar soundhole to provide free convection and uniform humidity distribution for your guitar. Proper humidity protects guitar wood from damage...

$ 13.95

Kyser Lemon Oil Guitar Polish
Formulated for fingerboards and other oil-finished wood surfaces, Kyser Dr. Stringfellow Lem-Oil cleans, polishes, preserves and protects against drying, and tones down scratches and blemishes. Contains no waxes or synthetics....

$ 4.95

Planet Waves Lubrikit Friction Remover
Lubrikit from Planet Waves provides tuning stability by removing friction. As all players know, friction is the root cause of all tuning problems. Apply just a drop of Lubrikit to...

$ 9.99

Big Bends Nut Sauce
Increase your strings' life and playability with this easy-to-use plunger and applicator package.

$ 19.95

Planet Waves XLR8 String Lubricant and Cleaner
Planet Waves XLR8 Lubricant and Cleaner is a simple way to maintain your strings for faster playing and longer life. This airtight metal tin full of Planet Waves XLR8 comes...

$ 5.99

Planet Waves Headstand Instrument Stand
Stabilizes guitars during string-changes. Designed to gently and securely support the guitar, The Headstand makes the string changing process hassle-free. The compact size and collapsibility allow you to store The...

$ 7.49

Monster ScreenClean for GPS
Safely clean your GPS screen without streaking or scratching with this Monster GPS ScreenClean. Will not harm delicate screen coatings. Removes grubby fingerprints without drips, streaks, or stains.

$ 2.99

Duracell Procell AA Battery 4-Pack
Pack of 4 Duracell Procell AA Batteries. Procells are designed specifically for electronic devices and retain a longer life than normal batteries.

$ 1.49