Fishman ToneDEQ AFX Acoustic Guitar Pre-Amp and EQ
Fishman is known the world over for their devotion to acoustic instrument amplification. This ToneDEQ Pre-Amp and EQ provides acoustic guitar players with a high-quality pre-amp, effects, and EQ all in one box! A full-analog signal path is augmented by parallel digital effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and tremolo,...

$ 299.95

Suhr ISO Line Out Box
The ISO Line Out box is used to provide a transformer-isolated signal from any guitar amplifier speaker output jack. This is useful for splitting your amp's output to a separate effects processor. Features include a Line Output, Speaker Through jacks, Phase switch, and a Ground Reference switch. This is NOT...

$ 180.00

MXR M81 Electric Bass Preamp Pedal
The MXR Bass Preamp is an excellent choice for players looking to capture a studio-type tone everywhere they go. The separate input and output level controls let you take advantage of MXR's innovative Constant Headroom Technology for clarity at volumes other preamps just can't produce.

$ 169.99

Wunder Audio PAFour Plus Preamp
The Wunder Audio PAFour Plus is a four channel, 19” rackmount preamplifier version of their PEQ2. Inspired by the 1073, the amplifiers deliver all the warmth and size you would expect from a fully Class-A discrete 1970's-style mic-pre, with their own subtle sonic signature. Based on the popular PEQ1 model,...

$ 2,995.00

AEA TRP 2-Channel Pre-Amp
A common myth with ribbon mics is they have plenty of character, but they can sound too dark and sometimes downright muddy. Now while there tends to be less of a presence boost in the top end, as compared to other types of microphones, oftentimes people are just not using...

$ 895.00

Voodoo Lab Giggity Analog Mastering Preamp Effects Pedal
This is the new Giggity from Voodoo Lab, an analog mastering preamp for your guitar that can either be used as a light drive or just something to thicken up your sound.

$ 129.00

AER Dual-band Parametric EQ with Switchable Frequency Ranges
AER Dual band Parametric EQ is part of AERs Pocket Tools line compact but versatile preamps. This Parametric EQ reduces disturbing frequencies that can cause undesirable line noise and offers the option to switch between a variety of frequency ranges. It pairs well with the other Pocket Tools products particularly...

$ 399.00