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Semi-Hollowbody At The Music Zoo

A semi-hollow body instrument may have a slightly diminutive name, but they sure produce a tone "full" of character! The Music Zoo is proud to stock these instruments - hybrids of a hollowbody and solid body that offer the best of both worlds - rich, deep, and clear tones of a hollow instrument, and the feedback reducing and ergonomic features of a solid body. The first semi-hollow guitar appeared in the late '50s when Gibson conceived the ES-335 - which boasted a wooden center block inside the guitar.

To this day, that same semi-hollow design principle is still followed. But you can grab a variety of semi-hollows from a variety of everyday and unique brands. Maybe you can't take your eyes off of that Fender Thinline Telecaster, or need a Gretsch Streamliner Center Block or Ibanez Artcore to complete your collection. For some cutting edge modern designs, don't miss the B&G Little Sister, and be sure not to overlook an art deco inspired Duesenberg. You can even grab a semi-hollow bass to clean up and deepen your band's low end.

The Music Zoo is an authorized dealer for all your favorite brands and our used inventory is packed to the brim! Our semi-hollow bodies are individually photographed and weighed, and undergo a rigorous inspection by our team of technicians, so you can be sure that wood grain you just fell in love with will look the same when it arrives at your doorstep, and the guitar will be ready to play right out of the case. Make your next semi-hollow purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today.