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Soloist At The Music Zoo

At The Music Zoo, we're big fans of the '80s - and our selection of Jackson Soloists backs up that statement. We always keep a huge variety of these shredders in stock, from the value packed Pro Series Soloists, all the way up to our own custom-spec'd Jackson Custom Shop creations.

The Soloist first arrived on the scene in 1984, after a budding demand in the late '70s for more power, gain, and attitude. The Soloist was a designed imagined by Grover Jackson and his Charvel/Jackson employees, and to many, was a guitar that perfected the "Super Strat". Most Soloists features neck-through construction, at least one humbucker (usually a HSS configuration), and a double locking tremolo such as a Floyd Rose or Kahler. Sharkfin inlays are also a classic feature, and finish color options are vast - with many "loud" examples!

The Music Zoo's owner Tommy Colletti worked closely with the USA Jackson Custom Shop and Mike Shannon in the early 2010s to offer a unique Soloist model that we've dubbed the SL2H-V. True to some of the more popular requested custom shop changes, the SL2H-V boasts better placement of the knobs and switches, a true non-recessed Floyd, smaller control cavity, an EVH Low Friction pot, a smaller headstock with the vintage style Jackson "Rhoads Concorde" logo, and cool brass knobs and buttons.

The Music Zoo is an authorized Jackson dealer. Our guitars are individually photographed and weighed, and undergo a rigorous inspection by our team of technicians, so you can be sure that wood grain you just fell in love with will look the same when it arrives at your doorstep, and the guitar will be ready to play right out of the case. Make your next Soloist purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today.