EVH D-Tuna Drop D Guitar Tuning System (Black)
The EVH D-Tuna is a unique patented device that enables players to drop the E to D and back, in an instant. D-Tuna has been standard equipment on Eddie Van Halen's personal guitars. To install you remove the string locking screw from the low E-saddle on the bridge and replace...

$ 39.95

TC Electronics PolyTune 2 Chromatic Tuner
With the PolyTune 2, TC Electronics has taken one of the most classic tuners, and perfected it. With a stronger LED display than ever before, you will be able to see what’s going on in any environment, and an ambient light sensor automatically adjusts for your current situation. Now with...

$ 99.99

TC Electronics PolyTune Mini Chromatic Tuner
The TC Electronics Polytune Mini is a compact chromatic tuner with impressive functionality. It's true bypass so it won't drain or squash your tone and its built with a unique tuning design. Simply strum the strings on your bass or guitar and the Polytune Mini will detect which string is...

$ 89.99

Taylor Digital Headstock Tuner
Never miss a pitch with this Taylor Digital Headstock Tuner. This compact device with its bright display and large lettering makes it great for dim-lit stages.

$ 29.00

TC Electronic Polytune Clip-On Tuner
Everything you’ve come to love about the TC Electronic Polytune now comes in headstock tuner form. It still features the polyphonic function, 0.02 cent accuracy, an ultra birght display, and up to 18 hours of use via a lithium coin battery.

$ 49.99

Planet Waves PW-MT-02 Metronome/Tuner
Planet Waves PW-MT-02 Metronome/Tuner
The Planet Waves PW MT 02 Metronome Tuner combines two essential tools for musicians into one compact design. Featuring a loud woodblock tone that is capable of both simple and complex rhythms, the Metronome feature will come in handy for guitarists ranging from the seasoned pro to the budding rock...

$ 10.99 $ 8.24

Planet Waves Universal Chromatic II Tuner
Planet Waves Universal Chromatic II Tuner
The Universal Chromatic II Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, and other stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. Features both LED and bold LCD displays for tuning in well-lit or dark environments, and built-in microphone for acoustic and 1/4" input for electriconic instruments. The compact, sleek design makes it extremely portable and...

$ 8.99 $ 6.74

Fender GT-1000 Battery-Free "Green" Chromatic Tuner
The average person throws away about 30 to 50 batteries annually, that's close to 3 billion batteries a year in the U.S. that wind up in our landfills and oceans. Fender has come to the rescue of our planet (and wallets) with the GT-1000 Green Tuner. This tuner requires no...

$ 19.99