Wah & Volume At The Music Zoo

One of the earliest effects pedals to be created - emulating the sound of Clyde McCoys trumpet...the wah-wah! From classic '70s Funk to deep synthy filters, there are lots of different wah pedals in stock for whatever your needs are. We also have a selection of volume pedals, which can be used to clean up your overdrive sounds, or bring in ambient swells. 

The first widely known wah pedals surfaced in the late '60s in the UK and California, conceived by an employee of the Thomas Organ Company and marketed by Vox. True to their name, these "Cry Baby" pedals produce a "wah wah" "sweeping" sound and are controlled by a foot pedal. Thomas Organ neglected to file a trademark on the Cry Baby name though, and eventually Dunlop used and popularized it even further. Wah wah pedals are heavily used by funk and rock players.

We stock your favorite classic Dunlop or Ernie Ball Music Man Wah pedals, artist inspired models, and much more!

Buy your next wah pedal online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all your favorite pedal brands!