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Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MKII Effects Pedal
The same Jumbo Fuzz loud-as-a-rocket tones but in a smaller pedalboard-friendly package – this is the new MKII Swollen Pickle from Way Huge. The Filter control retains its trademark insane...

$ 129.99

Way Huge Camel Toe Triple Overdrive MKII Effects Pedal
This is the Way Huge Camel Toe, a double-pedal that crams the Red Llama overdrive and Green Rhino overdrive into a single enclosure where you can use them individually or...

$ 279.99

Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
Compressors have been a secret weapon for guitarists looking for smooth, dripping saturation without tons of distortion muddying up their sound. The resurrected Saffron Squeeze from Way Huge has all...

$ 149.99