With the much anticipated release of Animals As Leaders’ fourth album, “The Madness of Many”, it was only right that The Zoo was in attendance when they came to one of New York City’s most popular venues, just weeks after the album was revealed. Pair them with two power-house acts like Plini and Intervals, and you now have a sold-out show at Webster Hall. Plini, a .strandberg* endorsee and good friend of The Zoo, graced the stage first, backed up by Aaron Mashall (lead guitar in Intervals) on Rhythm guitar (toting a slick Aristides 070 model). His masterpieces warmed up the crowd to say the least, playing tunes from his lengthy catalog, including his most recent album, “The End Of Everything”. For the next set, Plini and Aaron switched rolls to transform into Intervals, which consisted of the same line-up but of course with a totally different sound. Head-bobs were in full effect as they went through a number of hits from their latest release, “The Shape Of Colour”.

Last, but certainly not least, it was time for AAL, who opened up with  “Arithmophobia” the first track of their new album, and a piece that will surely scare you away from trying to comprehend it’s time-signature; courtesy of drummer, Matt Gartska. It wasn’t long before AAL paid homage to their roots, performing several songs from their first, second, and third albums and getting the mosh pit (dance circle) going with “Physical Education”. Us Zoo guitar-nerds, however, ogled over Tosin’s Ibanez Prototype Signature Model the entire night; an eight string fan-fretted psuedo-matte/gloss finish behemoth of an instrument (stay tuned for more info on this guitar). Javier Reyes of course sported his ESP JR-608 signature model most of the night.

In conclusion, the night was filled with head-bobs, 2-steps, and note for note sing-a-longs, ending with AAL’s “Woven Web”, a djent-full piece with enough punch to knock your earplugs out, and has become a reminder of how little importance vocals are to music enjoyment (just kidding). Although, seeing over a thousand people sing all night to completely instrumental music is nothing short of beautiful.

Couldn’t make it to the show? Check out a few exclusive photos from the concert below!

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Plini pleasing the crowd with his .strandberg* Boden



Aaron Marshall of Interval and his Aristides o7o



Javier sporting his Signature ESP JR-608



Tosin playing his Ibanez Prototype 8-String



Tosin playing his Ibanez TAM100


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