Crowther Audio Hot Cakes V2 The Music zoo

The New Crowther Audio Hot Cakes V2 caters to extended-range guitars and offers players a new palate of sounds!

Crowther Audio's ever-popular Hot Cakes pedal is back as the Hot Cakes V2, featuring a few tweaks that bring player's a few more tonal options! Equipped with Cream boost and low-frequency cut switch, one of our favorite pedals is now more versatile than ever! Scroll below for full specs and some insight into our first-impressions on this new stompbox from Crowther Audio!

Crowther Audio Hot Cakes V2 The Music zoo

Crowther Audio Hotcake Pedal V2 Overdrive Pedal Specs

  • Pedal Type: Bass Preamp with Overdrive
  • Form Factor: Pedal
  • Level, Drive, & Bass Knobs
  • XLF extended Low Frequency Switch
  • +Cream Switch
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (main out)

Crowther Audio Hot Cakes V2 The Music zoo

Crowther Audio Hotcake Pedal V2 Overdrive Pedal Tone

The Hot Cake V2 will give you a thick distortion tone with a little extra to it when cranked, while the Presence control hits you with a pleasant mid-range boost as you turn it up, with nothing too harsh. The Hot Cake doesn't resort to a treble cut circuit for its distorted tone, keeping your raw guitar tone seemingly unchanged. The Hot Cake V2 is pretty transparent, and doesnt color your tone like many overdrives we've used before.Picking and power chords all shine through very well, with no loss of articulation during alternate picking runs. Shredders will be very happy with this one.

Why We Like It

We love the XLF low-frequency switch. We plugged a 7-stringer into the Hot Cakes V2, and were pleased by the low end-articulation preserved with the switch engaged. You won't have any issues with a muffled tone using extended-range guitars with this thing. Again, the transparency is a major plus for us. If you're content with your guitar/amp combo, the Hotcake is a great choice for that extra boost.

You Might Also Consider

If you want a few more tonal options, the Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard offers a bit more control with its two-stage circuitry. Hand-made in New Zealand by Paul Crowther, the Prunes and Custard is a small pedal with a lot of capabilities!

Crowther Audio Hotcake Pedal V2 Overdrive Pedal Price

$179.99 Retail at the time of this post. Pricing subject to change.

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