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Nuno Bettencourt and Extreme Ripping Up The Paramount on Long Island!

On August 22nd, Extreme and their in-house guitar shredding legend Nuno Bettencourt took the stage at The Paramount on Long Island. We sent over Music Zoo friends and Nuno super-fans Mike and Mikey Lussos to check the show out and from the looks of these awesome pictures - it was a great show. Here's what young guitar player Mikey had to say about the gig:

"It goes without saying that Nuno Bettencourt absolutely stole the show with his guitar playing! It's truly amazing how he runs all over the stage while never missing a beat. The band as a whole was very locked in to each other, with tight back and forths between Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone, especially during “Get The Funk Out”. Nuno's guitars for the night were the signature Washburn N4 and his Washburn EA20S-Nuno Bettencourt acoustic-electric models. Amp-wise, what other than a wall of Marshall cabinets powered by Marshall JCM2000 heads! The Paramount was packed with longtime fans, and songs like “Decadence Dance” and “More Than Words” really got the crowd going. During a band break, Nuno introduced a solo acoustic piece with a short speech on how special the guitar is, and how it's a gift to be able to play it - definitely an inspiring moment for all of the guitar players in the crowd.
Extreme at the paramount - the music zoo

Extreme at The Paramount Long Island, August 22nd 2019 Set List

It’s a Monster
Li’l Jack Horny
Get The Funk Out
Rest In Peace
Stop The World
Play With Me
Tragic Comic
Hole Hearted
Midnight Express
Cupid’s Dead
Am I Ever Gonna Change
Take Us Alive
Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee
Decadence Dance
More Than Words
We Are the Champions
Extreme and nuno betterncourt at the paramount - the music zoo
close up of Nuno Bettencourt playing guitar- the music zoo
nuno bettencourt onstage - the music zoo
nuno bettencourt marshall amps - the music zoo
nuno bettencourt acoustic guitar - the music zoo
extreme at the paramount crowd - the music zoo

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