The Music Zoo is thrilled to announce the latest creation from Fender Custom Shop - meet the Fender Private Collection H.A.R. Stratocaster! This Strat will be limited to only 25 pieces in the US, and will be Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka. We have one heading our way next year, but we're dying to share some info on this unique piece. 

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Have you ever thought about when the first black Stratocaster was built? It's such a common color that you might think it was around from the very beginning. In actuality, Howard Reed Jr. was one of the first to request a black Strat, in 1955, and it quickly transformed from a custom color to a standard option. His request also marked the beginning of the "custom color" trend, a tradition which is still in place to this day.

This Fender H.A.R. Stratocaster is an exact replica of Harry Reed's original black Strat, which used to hang in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is now part of a private collection. It includes the stick-on "briefcase" letters he installed when he joined the rockabilly group "Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps". Dennis also carefully studied the exact wear on the original instrument and replicated it perfectly, as only a Masterbuilder can. The Strat will also feature hand-wound Custom Shop '55 single coils, an American Vintage tremolo, and of course, a '54 U neck profile with 7.25" fingerboard radius.
This Stratocaster is sure to be a worthy replica and equally attractive to the player or collector! Scroll down for more pics!

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