PRS McCarty 594 The Music Zoo NAMM 2020

A close-up look at the talented builders who craft Paul Reed Smith instruments every day!

The fine people at PRS have put together a very in-depth video tour of what it takes to make an instrument in their factory, from the very first step of rough-cutting the boards of wood and setting them up to dry to shaping the bodies and necks in CNC machines all the way to the hand-staining finishing process.


Quality control is checked at PRS during every step of the way

Towards the end of the video, take a look at how at every stop during a guitars travel throughout the factory, a builder will initial the guitar's control cavity to put their stamp of approval on it. Further than that - every Friday morning, the heads of manufacturing will randomly pull guitars from the warehouse that are about to ship to dealers for one final inspection. It's a time-consuming process, but even when touring the factory ourselves, it's easy to see how much pride everyone at PRS has about the beautiful instruments they build every day!

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