The Keeley 'Johnny's Sweet Spot' gets beautiful tones throughout the entire range of the guitar neck!

Keeley's new Sweet Spot is their latest venture in collaboration with legendary guitarist, Johnny Hiland. This pedal is the perfect blend between clean, warm tones and overdrive, giving you singing sustain. According to Keeley, one of the many tone-secrets for reaching the sweet spot is to cut a little bass and boost the mid-range a touch.  You also roll off a little of the high-end to avoid any harshness.  What you’re left with is the recipe for the Sweet Spot! Get it now from The Music Zoo! Scroll below for full specs, video, and details on this release!

Keeley Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive Overdrive Specs

  • Natural tube amp like overdrive
  • Versatile tone control for dialing in highs
  • Gain switch for increased saturation
  • True Bypass, Rugged Design and Build
  • Made in USA

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