From flame tops to quilt tops to archtops, there's something for just about everyone in our used section this week! Check out a PRS Custom 22 Artist Package, a classy Gibson Custom Shop Wes Montgomery L-5! You can bet there's a load more in our pre-owned guitars section as well, so be sure to check it out! Scroll down to see our top ten picks from this week! Click the links below the photos to see full specs and info on our site!


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1. 2004 PRS Custom 22 Artist Package 



2. Gibson Custom Shop Wes Montgomery L-5



3. PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library



4. 1997 Fender Custom Shop Jerry Donahue Signature Telecaster



5. B&G Guitars Little Sister Private Build Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard



6. Collings 360st



7. Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Telecaster



8. Mayones Setius



9. Fender Richie Kotzen Signature Telecaster



10. Nash T52



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