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Here we have another unique addition to the growing list from Gibson’s “Collectors Choice” series.This time, it’s a Les Paul that has definitely seen it’s fair share of studio-time. For those who don’t know, the Collector’s Choice series comes straight from the Gibson Custom Shop, where Gibson takes a great vintage guitar—whether it be celebrity owned or a rare, all-original piece—and through the marvels of modern technology, create a limited run of a near-exact recreation of that instrument.

Collector’s Choice #28, nicknamed the “STP Burst”, was a guitar owned by none other than Ronnie Montrose. Used on countless performances throughout his career, it’s most note-worthy claim to fame comes from being heard more than 2 million times, thanks to the studio work of Peter Weihe, a studio guitarist from Hamburg, Germany. Why is it called the “STP Burst”? Well, at one point, Ronnie had an oval STP sticker on the front of the guitar near the toggle switch. A darker spot on the finish was left behind when he later removed it, probably from less light exposure. Along with identifiable nicks and bruises, details such as these exemplify the dedication and accuracy that Gibson Custom emphasizes with its Collector’s Choice series Les Pauls. This guitar is full of history, and is surely infamous in it’s own right.  This replicated historical guitar  is set to release in limited quantities, so if your’re interested in owning 1 of the 300 guitars available, or have any questions, feel free to contact our sales staff. The story and specs of this rare piece to be re-produced by Gibson can be read below. Have a look!

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