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One thing that distinguishes The Music Zoo from other guitar dealers is our ability to stock great, innovative boutique instruments from up-and-coming luthiers. One of them is Joe Knaggs, who previously to striking out on his own, was a master luthier at Paul Reed Smith, heading up PRS’s Private Stock line. Joe’s line of guitars epitomizes forward-thinking, supreme-quality guitars that are simply beautiful. Early endorsers of the four-year-old company include Steve Stevens (who rocks his own signature Knaggs guitar) and guitar wizard Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.

Here at the Zoo, we were enthralled by the Knaggs guitars when they arrived at our door on May 28th. Our sales staff and marketing folks sat mesmerized as one gorgeous Knaggs after another was pulled from its case; first came the Chesepeake Choptank model. Then it was an Influence “Chena” model. Stunning! Then an Influence “Kenai” model, and a few more, leaving us breathless. Most of Joe’s electric guitars seemed to take their cues from classic, tried-and-true designs yet they’re distinctly unique in appearance, construction, and choice of materials. Throughout our “unplugged” demo, we were blown away by the resonance and big acoustic presence of these guitars.

We’re completely excited to be part of the Knaggs family of dealers. Visit the company’s website and keep an eye The Music Zoo New Arrivals page for these great guitars.  If you’d like more info on our current inventory, contact our sales department.

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