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It’s a good day to work at The Music Zoo when word spreads that an original Goldtop its on its way to the store. Here we have a 1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Goldtop finish. The ’53 Goldtop saw the Les Paul go from the original trapeze tailpiece to the simple-yet-effective wraparound tailpiece paired with two soapbar P-90 pickups. This guitar has its share of cosmetic wear that add to the allure of a vintage Les Paul.

This is an amazing playing and sounding Les Paul that had all of us grinning like kids in a toy store. The neck feels slim at the nut and just fits right in your hand as it gets a bit chunkier when you play up the board. The intonation of the guitar is spot on with all chords and notes ringing out in tune, and the P-90s on this guitar still have a crystal clear growl that give back just as much as you put into them. Scroll below to get a closer look at this gem! Also, this guitar is available now, so click the link below to get pricing, full specs, and a detailed description of the instrument before you buy!

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The ’53 sitting inside it’s period-correct Lifton Les Paul case.


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Checking and other imperfections give this guitar priceless character.


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a faded “Les Paul” logo represents its age


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Photography by Walter Bryant


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