If you weren’t watching The Walking Dead this past Sunday, there’s a good chance you were probably tuned in to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. But aside from the actual awards, we couldn’t help but notice the variety of guitars that graced the stage this year; from Ed Sheeran’s signature Taylor, to John Mayer’s Jackson Soloist. If the performances didn’t entertain us, we sure got a kick out of seeing the guitars that popped up. Have a look at the list and images below to see the guitars that made an appearance!


Eric Church’s Gibson Hummingbird


Brandy Clark’s Martin



Dwight Yoakam’s Gibson L-200


Ed Sheeran’s Fender Strat



Ed Sheeran’s Martin Signature & Jeff Lynne’s Gibson Les Paul



Angus Young’s Gibson SG


Beck’s Martin Acoustic


Juanes and his Sadowsky Guitar


John Mayer’s Pink Jackson Soloist


Paul McCartney’s Taylor


Images courtesy of Getty Images

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