Ibanez TWP10 Twin Peaks Wah: Product Review and Video Demo Playthrough

Ibanez creates a wah unlike any other utilizing two peak points through dual inductor circuitry: the TWP10 Twin Peaks wah is here!

Join The Music Zoo as Jordan gives the rundown on the TWP10 from Ibanez (with some help playing from Rocker Scott as well). Similar in control layout and aesthetics to the famous WH10, the Twin Peaks has a sturdy metal enclosure with side-mounted controls to dial in Level and Balance, with a slider switch to go between High and Low frequencies.

The Balance controls the mix ratio of the two peak levels created by the dual inductor circuit resonances. The higher frequency provides a sweepable range similar to that of most traditional wah-wah pedals. The lower frequency is closer to what’s generally found on modified or signature wah-wah pedals. Turning the Balance control counter-clockwise emphasizes the higher-frequency peak, while turning it clockwise emphasizes the lower-frequency peak.

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