Wampler Clarksdale delta Overdrive

The Clarksdale is set to arrive as Wampler’s take on the world famous Tube Screamer® circuit. It brings just the right amount of gain needed for your style whether it’s that loose, slightly overdriven classic tone, or the mid-range boost needed for a hi-gain sound. Unlike the traditional screamer overdrives, The Clarksdale is a more transparent drive, and as an added improvement from it’s predecessor, doesn’t fizz out when the gain is cranked! Coupled with it’s true-bypass circuitry, now you can enjoy the benefits of all around great tone at all gain levels without sacrificing the clarity of your sound. An added feature is the smooth/lift switch, which enables you to toggle between a tone that sits in the mix and a tone that will get you to stand out. This pedal is yet another powerhouse overdrive from our friends at Wampler! Check out the video demos below of this thing in action! For info on how you can order this divine metal box, feel free to contact our sales staff. Also, be sure to have a look at the Wampler Pedals we have in stock!

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