The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized LSL Instruments dealer - and we're happy to be carrying the newly introduced XT4 series modern 24 fret shredders - coming at NAMM 2018, which is right around the corner! These guitars are packed to the brim with exotic and great sounding hand-picked tonewoods! Take a look at the teaser video above - if those warm color tones don't melt some of that snow on your front lawn, not much else will!

The first "Zoo Custom Exotic" XT4DX is crafted with the woods shown in the above video! Even the knobs and plates are made of flamed walnut! The body will be carved from Korina (Black Limba) and will sport a Cocobolo top. The neck will be shaped from solid Pau Ferro and topped with a Cocobolo fingerboard. LSL Instruments spared no exotic expense with these guitars!

UPDATE: Here's a shot of the exact body!


Prefer a different flavor of exotic? Builds #2 and #3 will feature Ziricote and Buckeye Burl tops! And don't forget, we still have a pair of gorgeous Pine La Perronitas arriving soon!

Want to reserve the first XT4 Exotic to hit the market? Contact us today!

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