NAMM2015: We stopped by the Dunlop section at NAMM show and left really impressed by their innovative new pedals and effects. Our team was stoked to test a few of these out, and were excited to show off a few new models that are now available for preorder with The Music Zoo! Contact our sales team at or by calling 516-626-9292!

One of our favorite and most exciting pedals at the booth was the CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal. It’s about half the size of a standard CryBaby Pedal, which makes it perfect for mini-boards. We were concerned that it may not have the tone or usability you’d expect from the regular size, but it definitely did not disappoint in either department! It comes loaded with the legendary Fasel inductor, a full range sweep and 3 internally adjustable voicings (Low, Vintage, and GCB95).

CBM95Next we came across the M85 MXR Bass Distortion, which was designed by Ryan Ratajski (Fuzzrocious Pedals founder). This small box delivers a nasty sounding tone with plenty of low end for modern players. Add in separate Dry and Wet level controls and you can set the perfect mix for whatever you desire. Another interesting bit is the Tone Control, which cuts the distortion signal’s top end while the Distortion control sets the signal’s intensity. You can really get a nice split between a dirty and clean signal chain in the small little box.

M85We’re also pretty big Jimi Hendrix fans here at The Music Zoo, so it should come as no surprise that we were all about the new Band Of Gypsys Fuzz Face Distortion Pedal. It’s got all the snarling aggressive fuzz tone you’d expect, and was based on a rare vintage fuzz circuit from ’69-’70.  The Fuzzface comes in two different versions, including a the full size one (JHF3) with hand wired components, and the Mini (FFM6), which is perfect for pedal boards. We have to agree that the team of engineers from Dunlop did a great job recreating the sound on these!


Think of the Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor (designed by Jeorge Tripps) as a revitalized version of the original MKII compressor. Some of the new features include a gain control to allow you to set the input gain level, a tone control to cut off post compression high-end, and an Attack control to set the reaction speed of the compressor. All these fine-tuning features make it an even better pedal than it originally was!



For a more organic amp-like overdrive pedal look to the Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive. This overdrive offers an unparalleled versatility from discrete clean and overdrive signal paths allowing the user to go from a clean boost to buttery overdrive in seamless fashion.


This Limited Edition Blue Hippo Analog Chorus, famous for its diverse range of luscious and liquefied tones now comes with a vibe switch forsome thick vibrato goodness. This easy to use pedal allows you to go from lush tone-widening to rotating speaker sounds with ease. This MKII analog chorus was a joy to mess around with!



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