Founded by guitar legend Kirk Hammett (of Metallica) and David Karon, (helped design Hammett’s limited edition Randall amp in 2008), KHDK is the product of two gear-heads looking to make gear for other gear-heads.

Their lineup features five pedals, each unique and in a class of its own; the bold, rich No.1 Overdrive, the warm No.2 Clean Boost, the dramatic Ghoul Screamer, germanium-voiced Scuzz fuzz, and their most brutal stomp-box to date, the Dark Blood.

“We are incredibly proud to send KHDK pedals into the world to rockstars of today and of the future. We want them to plug in, connect to the emotion that gave rise to KHDK and understand that it is through our pedals that we pay a powerful homage to our ultimate love: the electric guitar.”

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KHDK Electronics Ghoul Screamer Overdrive



KHDK Electronics Scuzz Box Fuzz



KHDK Electronics No. 1 Overdrive



KHDK Electronics Dark Blood Distortion



KHDK Electronics No. 2 Clean Boost


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